Flat 300 Rs. Discount For Uber Signups!

You surely have  heard about Uber and its free rides. We are offering discount coupon valued 300 Rs. for uber signups. Here is how this works

  1. Signup for  uber at Uber Registration page
  2. Enter your contact details there
  3. On registration page you will find a link “Add a Promo Code”. Clicking it will open a box.
  4. Add code “bucketp1ue” to the box
  5. Click “Sign Up” button and you are done

Congratulations!! you have earned discount coupon valued 300 Rs. for our store and 100 Rs. discount for next 3 rides on uber. isn’t it awesome

We will receive mail notification from Uber for your signup and will send you coupon code on email you used during sign up. For any query or complains you can contact us at [email protected]

For quick response WhatsApp us at : +92306-5619198