Eid Shopping Festival

Shopping Festival

Like every event, Bucket brings Eid Shopping Festival this Eid for our valued customers. The festival will be continued from 5th of June 2018 to 12th of June 2018. Following are the details of the shopping festival.

Festival Attractions

Following are main attractions of the shopping festival.

1-Surprise Gifts

2- up to 50% Discount

3- Smart Phone Gift

Festival Terms and Conditions

Following are some basic terms and conditions of the festival you should be aware of.

  1. Festival will be continued from 5th June to 12th June
  2. In order to receive gifts your order value must be at least 500 Rs.
  3. There will be flat 150 delivery charges on each of your order
  4. Your purchase total must sum to at least 3500 Rs in order to be eligible for smart phone winner
  5. In case there are more than 1 person with total purchase greater than 3500, winner will be the one with highest purchase. This is applicable only purchase total under 10000.See point 6 for greater purchase total.
  6. In case there are more than one person with purchase total of 10000 Rs, winner will be decided via Draw
  7. There will be no refund on orders made during festival but you can replace if there is issue with your order
  8. Order replacement may or may not be processed before Eid.
Start Shopping!!!