Chest Pull


Chest Expander & Hand Gripper 2 in 1
Easy to Carry Anywhere
Tension is Adjusted by Hooking 1 to 5 Springs between the Handle Grips
Using all 5 Springs at Once will Challenge the Strongest User
Hand Grip Strengthening

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Last Updated: 09-Aug-2023

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This Handle Pulling Exerciser is easy to grip and it is a great way to keep health and improve strength. You can exercise in different ways using this Pulling Exerciser: Pull overhead helps broaden uppeer back, pull behind back helps build arms and holders, holdout stretch to sides helps strengthen upper back and arms etc. For beginners, the middle several springs in the Spring Chest Expander can be removed to reduce the intensity of tension. After exercising for a long time, the removed springs can be put back on to increase the tension. Features:- High quality chest pulling exerciser Multi-function design,strengthen hand,finger,wrist,forearm,developing chest and shoulder muscles Easy to carry and storage,exercise in home or office anywhere to keep fit Specifications: Springs / Cables Material: Stainless carbon spring steel wire Handle Material: Plastic Maximum Weight:30KG Maximum Length:150cm Package Contents: 1 x Multi-function Chest Expander

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Chest pull
Chest Pull