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  • 100% PURE AND ORGANIC BLEND: Himalayan chef’s premium quality chaat masala is entirely made up of pure ingredients. Our ultra-high quality spices and herbs are purely organic and use as a key ingredient to make aroma enriched, flavorsome spice blend for your meal
  • AUTHENTIC AND GLUTEN FREE: Himalayan chef premium quality chaat masala is a blend of authentic herbs and spices without any impurity. Our high-quality chaat masala doesn’t contain gluten traces hence enjoyable for everyone
  • BALANCED TASTE AND AROMA: Himalayan chef premium quality chaat masala is a perfect blend of herbs and spices, our professional product developers carefully mix every single herb and spice in a balanced ratio to provide a perfect taste and enhanced aroma in every single spoon of our chaat masala
  • PERFECT BLEND OF TANGY FLAVOUR: Himalayan chef premium quality chaat masala mix is perfect to increase tanginess in your snack, just from a single pack
  • FREE FROM ANTI-CACKING AGENTS: Himalayan chef’s premium quality chaat masala is free from anti-caking agents. Our best quality fresh and pure spices and herb mix protect the mix from clumps and lumps. You will always find Himalayan chef chaat masala in the finest, homogeneous powdered granules
  • FREE FROM PRESERVATIVES, MSG AND ADDITIVES: Himalayan chef premium quality chaat masala is zero preservatives and zero additives product. Our product does not contain any amount of MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) salt in it
  • VERSATILE USAGE: Himalayan chef premium quality chaat masala is well-balanced in taste and could be used in any snack or savory items, the perfect blend of grounded spices make it ideal to use in side dishes
  • GROWN IN PAKISTAN INGREDIENTS: Himalayan Chef never compromise the taste, flavor, and quality of their product, like all other products our premium quality chaat masala is a blend of carefully selected best herbs and spices from Pakistan to make Himalayan chef chat masala mix

Last Updated: 22-Sep-2022

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