Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool


Production Description:

Intex Pools available for online shopping in Pakistan are best to make your child Happy. Intex swimming pools for kids are child best summer companion,Intex kids pools online available on cash on delivery are inflatable Pools.Easy to handle And Carry.

In the hot weather of summer in the pool is always crowded crowded, sometimes many pool water quality is not good to make your family’s children were the defending addition. Understanding this we have entered the market and provides convenient inflatable pool, saving, easy to use and provides high performance utility for rewarding playtime, laughter joke adversity children at home. You can leave a rooftop swimming bath for children, possibly to the front yard to the happy little spoiled this.

Pool inflatable size using 86 W, 25 cm high. Tank wall consists of 3 layers with 3-way valve 1 separate inflatable pool bottom and smooth.
Pools for bathing and for baby to play the game extremely fun water suitable for babies both.
All are beautifully dominated inflatable baby from being hurt when paddling.
Normally parents can fill the ball into play as the ball infant.
Products b To swim buoy INTEX genuine, durable material, safe for young children.

Last Updated: 19-Aug-2019

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Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool


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