Intex Swim Center Family Swimming Pool (103 “x69” x22 “)


Intex Swim Center Family Swimming Pool available for online shopping in pakistan are best to make your child Happy.intex swimming pools for kids are child best summer companion,intex kids pools online available on toyzone cash on delivery are inflatable Pools.Easy to handle And Carry.

Product Summary:

Swim Center Family Pool is a recreational swimming pool didesaign a large family with a blend of green and white with a diameter 2.62mx1.75mx56cm. Swimming Pool is large and spacious so that children can enjoy together in such a recreation swim with their parents or friends. The pool has two air-conditioned and comfortable space to sit and relax or play.
It is necessary to expand the pool, inflate the top ring and fill it with water. As the pool fills, inflatable ring rises with the water level and spreads the walls.Ready for water in 10 minutes.The walls two layers made of thick vinyl and the third layer made of strong polyester. Due to the small depth of the pool it is perfect for parents swimming with their children.


Brand: INTEX
Model: Swim Center Family Pool
Material: 13ga (0,32mm) quality Vinyl
2 air chambers each with double vavle intake and exhaust free flow vavle
water capacity: 198 gallons (749Ltr)
Also comes with a box shelf
Panoramic side walls for comfort
Dimensions: 2,62m x 1,75m x 56cm (103 “x69” x22 “)

Last Updated: 22-Jul-2019

Intex Swim Center Family Swimming Pool
Intex Swim Center Family Swimming Pool (103 “x69” x22 “)


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