LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase


Product Description:
Includes two mini-figures: a police officer and a crook.
Features a police truck and a motorbike.
Police truck features a holding cell in the back that opens from the top with space for a mini-figure and a roadblock with a swinging gate.
Motorbike includes space for a mini-figure.
Set up the roadblock to stop the crook and lock him in the truck.
Accessory elements include a jewel, handcuffs and a walkie talkie.
With bigger pieces and a simple guide, these Easy to Build models get kids building and playing quickly.
This set offers an age appropriate build and play experience for children 4 to 7.
Police truck measures over 3 ( high, 5 ( long and 2 ( wide.
Motorbike measures over 1 ( high, 2 ( long and 1 ( wide.
Roadblock measures over 2 ( wide, 1 ( deep and under 1 ( high.
Suitable for age 4+
Made from environment friendly plastic
Great interactive toy for fun and collection
This is what you were looking for your kids. Hours of fun with learning. It’s not only a toy but an important part of every child’s development.

Last Updated: 29-Sep-2021

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