Pack of 2 Starch Free Fabric Conditioner Spray


Pack of Starch Free Fabric Conditioner Set
Pack of 2 Starch Free Fabric Conditioner Spray



  • Refreshing Fragrance
  • Provides Easy Crisp
  • Nourishes Cloth Fibers
  • Doesn’t Cause Yellowing

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Last Updated: 10-Aug-2023

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Now you don’t need to go for laundary of your cotton clothes because you can easily press your cotton clothes with the help of our fabric conditioner. The pack includes a 750ml spray bottle of fabric conditioner with a 1000ml refill bottle. We are proud to claim that we are the first one to create Starch Free fabric conditioner. Starch causes the yellowing of clothes as well as it makes clothes life shorter.

How To Use

Simply spray the clothes with conditioner before ironing just like we do with water.


Shake well before using the spray

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