Play Go 9 X 2 OZ Dough Pack


Multicolored, bright plasticine – an excellent material for the manufacture of various children’s crafts.

With the help of plasticine, the child will create original products. Having mastered the work with plasticine, fashioning individual simple figures, the kid can proceed to modeling real animals and people, which requires more skill, time and thoroughness in work. Some items and accessories, difficult for molding from plasticine, are made of plastic and are attached to the kit. Weight for modeling is easily mixed, which allows you to get new colors. Adults should show the child the magic of getting new colors from the main ones: if you mix red with yellow – you will get orange, etc. A dried up hand-made article can be painted with pencils, paints and markers. The plasticine mass is very soft, it smells nice, it does not have to be kneaded before stuccoing. Plasticine dries quickly, has no smell, does not stick to hands and clothes, it is easily washed off. Jars tightly closed, therefore the mass in them does not dry and remains plastic for a long time. Work with plasticine develops small motor skills of the baby’s fingers, spatial imagination, imagination.

9 colors playo plasticine play

  • Material: plastic, cardboard, plasticine.
  • In the set of 9 jars of colored clay.
  • Age: from 3 years.

Last Updated: 12-Jan-2021

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