PlayGo AIR Brush Tattoo Marker -7349


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PlayGo AIR Brush Tattoo Marker -7349



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  • Spray Tattoo Colouring Pencils.

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Last Updated: 08-Aug-2023

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• Material: Plastic
• Age: 6+ Years
• In this 16 – piece set, you have 6 beautiful stencils made of plastic and 10 pins for the airbrush tattoo studio. The colors black, brown, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and two shades of blue are included in the set. And so it works: Insert a marker pen into the airbrush gun and make sure that it is firmly seated. Then they put a mask on the skin and turn on the gun. Now you only need to press the button and the airbrush gun begins to spray on the stencil and a great tattoo is created.

Spray Tattoo Colouring Pencils.

Fun To Play.

Easy to Handle.

• Brand: Playgo

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