Qalbi Plus – 400g


  • 400g
  •  It is prepared by mixing herbs with honey; garlic, ginger, lemon juice and apple vinegar. It will make your blood thin by dissolving extra cholesterol. Qalbi solves your heart-related problems. It will solve your digestive problems. Will also relieve you from joint pain.
  • Al-Taiba International has made this combination by mixing different herbs with honey.
  • Qalbi plus contains garlic, ginger, lemon juice and apple vinegar.
  • Buy qalbi plus is the best for controlling your cholesterol level and blood pressure; this saves you from heart-related problems including heart attacks. It dissolves clots in your blood and checks their further formation.
  • This invigorates your digestive system and solves your stomach problems.
  • Qalbi makes you smart by dissolving extra fats from your body. It also relieves your joint pain.

Last Updated: 19-Apr-2021

Qalbi Plus
Qalbi Plus – 400g


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