Royal Potty Chair


Make potty training fun and rewarding – with a royal spin on things! This potty grows with your child from a training potty with 4 royal tunes that encourage and reward success  to a removable potty ring for use on the regular toilet. Older kids can use it as a sturdy stepstool that helps them get on and off the toilet, and reach the sink to scrub little hands. Handles help toddlers feel comfortable and secure on the potty, built-in splash guard helps prevent mess, and the removable bowl makes cleaning a breeze. When it’s time to transition to the toilet, the potty ring is easy to put on and take off, and adjusts to most toilet seats.  So many ways to grow & learn: Potty chair, potty ring & stepstool all in one
Sensor knows when to reward success with 4 different royal tunes
Handles on potty ring help kids feel secure
Clean-up is a breeze with removable bowl
Integrated splash guard for boys

Last Updated: 09-Jan-2021

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Royal Potty Chair A
Royal Potty Chair


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