Sakura Acrylic Gesso Medium Tube- 75ML


Brand: Sakura
Quantity: 75 ml per tube
Bright acrylic colors
High quality pigment provides beautiful color
Acrylic paint can be used for applying different techniques, making collages (with e.g. sand), several layers (impasto?s) and a paste-like structure
Possible to dilute and clean by water until the paint dries Very short drying time (1-3 hours)
Once the paint dries, it is waterproof, fade resistant and has a long life Possible to paint transparent and glossy pictures similar to oil colors It is very easy to use it like water color

Last Updated: 09-Sep-2020

Sakura Acrylic Gesso Medium Tube ML
Sakura Acrylic Gesso Medium Tube- 75ML


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