Thomas and Friends MRW Bridge Jump


The great race, thomas racing bridge jump brings the movie’s most exciting moments to life. Thomas is on his way to the great railway show, but the drawbridge to the mainland is already up, so he’ll need to find a daring way to get across. Send your motorized thomas train up towards the draw bridge and just when it seems like there’s no way to cross, the bridge automatically extends over the gap, propelling thomas to the other side. As thomas races across, it looks like he’s soaring through the air, just like in the movie. Once thomas reaches the other side, he’ll continue his journey to the signal house, where the signal changes color as he passes through. Finally, thomas passes under the bridge and speeds to the finish line and as he completes the race, the trophy falls into his cargo car. Plus, when thomas crosses the finish line, the art on the bandstand that shows a sitting crowd will flip to reveal cheering fans. It’s a big day for the no. 1 Blue engine, featuring a daring bridge jump, motorized racing actioned a thrilling moment as he crosses the finish line. Bring home all the fast paced fun and add this exciting train set to your Thomas and Friends motorized railway.

Last Updated: 12-Sep-2019

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