Salt84 Pink Salt -Fine 1 LB

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  • Strong Adhesive, odorless.
  • It is scent free and non-poisonous glue trap.
  • Ready to use, safe and sanitary, ideal mouse trap.
  • A Product of USA.


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WBM Home Rat Glue has a super hold formula that provides superior gripping power. It is harmless to human and it keeps your life comfortable, saves and healthy. It is suitable to place in food factories, restaurants, food storage places, kitchen or anywhere else in your home. It can help trap mouse or is an ideal and sticky mouse trap driving all pests away. FOR BEST RESULTS Place Breadcrumbs, cheese, fried fish at the center to attract mouse and rats and place it where rats are observed frequently. Keep out of reach of children.

Open slowly with both hands. Place it in areas where rats are normally seen. Dispose of after each use.

Keep in a cool dry place. Protect glue surface from dust. In case anybody part sticks to the glue, wipe or wash it with alcohol or vegetable oil


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Salt84 Pink Salt -Fine 1 LB

Out of stock