Yonex ArcSaber 4DX Badminton Racket-Strung


The Yonex ArcSaber 4DX badminton racket has a DX frame that improves shock-absorption and dissipates vibrations over the whole racket, enhancing playability.

Built with Nanoair Spring, the carbon fibres have a stronger bind which increases the efficiency of energy transfer from the strings to the shuttle.

The Isometric technology in the head makes the racket’s sweet spot larger, giving more power and forgiveness on miss-timed hits, and the built-in T-Joint makes for a stronger and more durable one-piece design.

The stiff, evenly balanced racket has a control support cap that lets you grip it more easily with better maneuverability

Flex: Stiff
Balance: Even
Length: 27 (686mm)
Head shape: Isometric
Frame material: H.M. Graphite / Nanoair Spring
Shaft Construction: Graphite

Country of Manufacture: Taiwan

This racket is strung with Yonex BG 65 String

Disclaimer: The color and design of the racket may vary as it is sourced in mixed batches.

Last Updated: 26-Feb-2021

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