About Bucket.pk Store:

Bucket.pk is a seasonal store for online shopping where customers can get individual products as well as deals,we call Buckets , of their choice.

Our main focus is on seasonal items and we prefer to offer our customers most economical deals relevant to the event.

Seasonal Buckets:

  • Birthday Buckets
  • Beauty Buckets
  • Celebrations Buckets

We plan to add many more buckets like Stationary Buckets,Baby Buckets, Travel Buckets and so on.

This will facilitate our customers find  related items in the form of package at very economical rates at one place rather than searching items separately.

We also provide “on demand” items in case a customer is unable to find product of his choice.

Products Pricing

Product prices are updated regularly on bucket. In most cases the product you have ordered will be delivered at the same price as shown on website. For some products specially the imported products price may vary from the given price and you will have to pay the current price of the product.