We, here at bucket, try that our customers get what they see on our store. Product pictures and description is added with each product so there is no confusion what the product is. Even though sometimes, customers are unable to judge the stuff by looking at the pictures and reading description. To deal with such situations we have Replace Policy and Refund Policy

Replace Policy 

We will replace product if following conditions are satisfied:

☑You don’t get what you expected

☑The product is not used/opened

☑ The Products to be replaced have same cost or you will have to pay cash difference

☑ You will bear the shipment charges

☑ You tell us within 3 days after package is delivered

Refund Policy

You are a returning customer

☑You don’t get what you expected

☑The product is not used/opened

☑You tell us the same day,the package is delivered

Wait please, we have more for our customers. For cases in which customers don’t get complete order or order is delayed, we have “Compensation Policy“. This is intended to compensate any kind of inconvenience our customers  have to face!

Compensation Policy

You will get a compensation gift with your order if following conditions are satisfied

☑ The product ordered by you does not have “Back-ordered” status

☑ Your order is delayed more than normal delivery time i.e. 3-5 working days in case of local shipping and 7-10 days in case of international shipping

☑ If you face any kind of inconvenience from our side