Between Bucket: An online portal to buy and sell products


Seller: A sole proprietor  registered under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

By registering as vendor on Bucket you agree to following terms.

Terms Used

Following are some terms used for defining agreement. (hereinafter referred as Bucket) : Market place to sell and buy items online

Seller: A person selling his products at Bucket

Account: Seller account/dashboard to manage products and orders at Bucket seller portal

Bank Account: Active Bank Account of Seller in Any Bank here in Pakistan

Seller Account Requirements

Seller must meet following conditions for account activation.

  1. Seller should have an active Bank Account in Pakistan
  2. Seller should have a registered business(Recommended).

Selling Policy

  1. You will not sell any prohibited products like Arms, Drugs and Medicines etc.
  2. You will not sell replica products i.e. exact copy of a Branded Item
  3. You will not sell low quality products

Commission Policy

Foollowing are the terms in case of completed order by seller:

  1. For each successfully completed order, 25% commission  will be deducted by Bucket
  2. After deducting 25% commission  Order total amount will be transferred to seller Bank Account
  3. There should be at least 1000 Rs balance in seller account to initiate payment request
  4. Seller can initiate payment request as soon as it meets the minimum amount in account as mentioned in point 3
  5. Seller can choose to set desired time for Funds to be transferred i.e Daily,Weekly,Monthly or Instantly

Account Suspension

If a seller is found violating any terms of this agreement, his account will be suspended immediately and will be inactive until a decision is made against his case.