Seller FAQs

What is seller Dashboard? How can I access it?

Seller Dashboard is the section for registered vendor where they can manage Products,Orders and other Shop Settings. You can access Dashboard under “Seller Portal” in  menu or simply access Dashboard here.

How will I get payments for my sales?

Once you have balance of  at least 1000 Rs. you can initiate payment request and payment will be transferred to your Bank Account.

How will I get notified if I receive an order?

Email notification will be sent to your registered email once an order is placed for your shop. You can also check your orders in your Dashboard

I could not find category for my products. What should I do?

While adding new products, there will be a section to select category for your product. If you don’t find a suitable category you can Choose “Other” as product category.

Also send an email request to [email protected] to add new category.

Can I sell to other online marketplaces?

Yes, you can have online shop on other marketplaces as well as your own site but your products prices must not be lower than as on Bucket

I have received an order. What now?

Following are the steps for order to be processed.

  1. Pack your item carefully so its not harmed during delivery
  2. Print “Invoice” & “Packing Slip” for your order in Dashboard 
  3. One of our pickup agent will contact you and pickup your parcel
  4. Take receiving from pickup agent on “Packing Slip” and keep it for your record
  5. Once order is completed your account statement will be updated