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Badminton history goes back to Greece and Egypt. The game was played in India during the 18th Century. It’s a very popular game in Pakistan. The equipment used in badminton is a set of shuttle and rackets. Two or four people can play badminton in a time. The game has its own rules and regulations. There is a proper badminton court required to play this game with all its rules and equipment. Badminton racket and other equipment are available in Pakistan on different prices depending on the quality. However, as the world is turning online, there are many online buying options for badminton sets. Bucket.Pk is the best online store in Pakistan for buying the equipment related to badminton. This game can be played in all season as its courts can be both outdoor and indoor but on profession level its played indoor. It's a famous game in schools and colleges in Pakistan. Players focus on having good equipment to play this game more professionally and having a stylish gear like shoe and shirts make it a more stylish game. One can buy all badminton products online in Pakistan on Bucket.Pk. At Bucket.Pk we offer Yonex Mavis Shuttle cocks both sets on 6 and 12 in yellow and white two different colors. Yonex junior badminton racket is one of the perfect rackets for young learners. For family games, we have Yonex badminton family racket set. One of the important gear for badminton game is special design shoes, offers you Yonex power cushion Aerux indoor courts shoes in different colors. We have a complete range of T-shirts, Polo shirts and crew neck shirts for badminton players in different sizes and colors. It’s a very healthy game and is promoting it by offering the best gears and equipment in the offers rackets and other equipment at very competitive prices. Our online store is one of the best stores in sports equipment quality. We have a list of happy buyers of our store. We sell international quality products for the satisfaction of our buyers. Our free of cost delivery across Pakistan is the best in the country. Choose your required badminton item from our wide range of collection and designs. And to enjoy this online shopping experience more we have a cash on delivery option for all our customers. Order today from our extraordinary collection and pay when you receive your desired products at your doorstep.