1.5 Kg Epoxy Art Resin And Hardener For Craft Working


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Certified non-toxic, easy to use epoxy resin for art & craft
1:2 by volume measuring (2 part resin: 1 part hardener)

Steps (4 simple & clear steps):

Wear gloves and pour the required amount of art resin and hardener in a mixing container.

TIP – Mix up the mixture properly until it become blend.
It takes approximately 45 minutes for the mix to thickens so you have this much working time.
Make sure you have correct amount of mixture because you have to complete cover your work in one shot and not have to mix later.
Make sure you have utilized all of the mixture because unmixed material will leave you with sticky spots that just won’t cure.
After mixing properly, now is the time to pour the liquid.
When you pour it, it will make its spread slowly. Let it run up to edges and once it slows down, use any brush to fill up the leftover places.
Once you pour, you will see bubbles will start to begin to the surface.
You can also get rid off them yourself for a flawless finish but many of these will pop on their own.
The paint will take 24 hours to settle, But for good finish give it at least 72 hours.

Instruction Manual:
Mix in 1 (Resin): 1 (Hardener)
The quantity of Resin is 416 ml and
The hardener is 416 ml

Note: Packing is bigger than the liquid in it. If you feel liquid is less, please check it.

If you are looking epoxy resin and hardener for wood crafting then order now.

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1 Kg Epoxy Art Resin And Hardener For Craft Working
1.5 Kg Epoxy Art Resin And Hardener For Craft Working