Ashaway ZyMax 65 Badminton Racket String – 10m


The ZyMax family of badminton strings features a ZyWeaVe core encapsulated with a high tenacity braided monofilament nylon wear surface. The BETA Polymer ZyWeaVe core provides minimal tension loss and maximum strength and durability.

Ashaway ZyMax 65 badminton string is 0.65mm in diameter for optimum repulsion and durability. The ZyWeaVe core prevents tension loss and the braided wear surface provides superior control.

Optimum repulsion
Maintains tension
Repulsion power: 10
Control: 10
Tension stability: 10
Durability: 9
Made in USA
Length: 10 m/33 ft

Disclaimer: Please note that the color of the string may vary as it is sourced in mixed batches

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Last Updated: 20-Feb-2021

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