WBM Toilet Paper – 3ply 100g


  • Our Black Pepper are Produced by Picking the Nature but Unripe Berries.
  • Himalayan Chef’s Black Pepper is Moderately Hot, Prurient and Aromatic.
  • It is Sun Dried.
  • Himalayan Chef’s Black Peppers are Left on the Vine Longer than Most Peppers, so they Develop a Deep, Rich Flavor.
  • Black Pepper are Certified Kosher, Halal, Vegan and Non-GMO.
  • Our Products are Natural and Pure.
  • These are Free from Artificial Colors and Preservatives.

Last Updated: 22-Sep-2022

Black Pepper Whole Plastic Shaker lbs G
WBM Toilet Paper – 3ply 100g


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