Daal Mash Washed – 454g


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Himalayan Chef Daal Mash 400g is essential prerequisites of each solid family kitchen. These pulses belong to the Pipalionaceae family. It carries high nutrition in them. Intake of it helps in fixing many disordered or disturbed internal body functions. Lentils (دالیں) are a good source of iron. Daal Mash is a starchy food and add fibre to your meal.  Eating a high-fibre diet is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease in type 2 diabetes. WBM is providing quality pulses(دالیں) that are clean to the extent that no one can find even a single stone or a damaged bean in the bags. These lentils (دالیں) cook soft with a delicate taste and are easily chewable. It improves digestion and makes muscles, bones, and teeth healthy.

Health Benefits of Lentils
Daal Mash: Daal mash is high in minerals and vitamins that help maintain healthy skin and healthy hair. It is rich in iron whose contents move more oxygen in the blood and make the skin more glowing and healthy.  It also helps in reducing acne and sunburn. 

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Daal Mash Washed – 454g

5000 in stock (can be backordered)