Lepin Mobile Stunt show


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True fans of Lego toys have long chosen new designers, focusing, including on the picture on the front side of the original box of toys. In his concept, the motives of the old sets are viewed. However, this designer deserves close attention. At least by the fact that new vehicles differ from conventional Creator cars in smaller sizes. In most cases, this will allow them to conform to the standard dimensions of any urban structures. Moreover, this set is from the three in one series, which increases interest in the game set:

the child will be able, at its discretion, to rebuild the basic model into racing cars or two new pick-ups;
in the main car, truck, body can be transformed into the original springboard;
in any version of the assembly, one mini-figure is placed in the cab, and in the third version, the pickup is equipped with an additional function – it can be used as a tow truck.

Last Updated: 29-Sep-2021

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