Mastela Fold Up Infant Seat Green


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Mastela Fold Up Infant Seat Green

Mastela Fold Up Infant Green Seat is a baby lounge with music features with 5 melodies and vibrations and funny toys that can make a baby break becomes more relaxed and play even more fun. Benefits Used for baby feeding, baby sleeping, traveling and can be as a baby toy. Train motor skills, visual, audio, and sensory infants. Advantages Ideal for infants weighing 3-11 kg Great for travel, very suitable and very convenient for traveling Equipped with music as much as five melodies and a soothing vibration that calms the baby There are two funny and unique hanging toys that can be easily reached by the baby and a mirror and the toy bar can be shifted to fit the baby’s posture and position Equipped travel bag Equipped with three safety points to keep the baby safe Easy to clean and the cloth holder can be washed with a washing machine The backrest position can be adjusted, there are two positioning the backrest It can easily be folded when not in use or when traveling Soft fabric material and comfortable Package Contents 2 pieces of funny toy + 1 Mirror 1 piece of music player and vibration 1 chair bed 1 pillar 1 piece of travel bag to store music chair

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Last Updated: 14-Sep-2023

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mastela fold up infant seat
Mastela Fold Up Infant Seat Green

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