Mini Cooper S Coupe with Remote (BMW AG Licensed)


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Product Description:
Children love to drive a car like adults who have fun while imitating adults.
This mini cooper electric car is unique and stylish.
Each is manufactured and tested under strict supervision, according to the strict safety requirements and any technical requirements.
With the introduction of technology of light and sound in electric cars, it gained on its close to real appearance, so every little driver feels like an adult.
Car battery manufactured under license from BMW AG. It has front and rear gears in a manual option as well as remote control, and a multifunctional steering wheel with sound effects.

Technical description:
Battery: 6 V 7 AH
Engine: 6V 20 W (Drive) 6 V 9 W (twisting)
speed of 2-3 km / h
Time use: 8-12 hours charging, the use of 1-2 hours
Charger: 6.0-7.8 V DC power
Control Manual

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to the achievable maximum speed.
Cleaning and Care: Clean with a damp cloth.

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Last Updated: 18-Sep-2023

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Mini Cooper S Coupe with Remote (BMW AG Licensed)

Out of stock