Miswak with Miswak Holder Large


Miswak with Miswak Holder Large
Miswak with Miswak Holder Large


  • Miswak Sunnah and health
  • First time in Pakistan Miswak with Holder
  • Miswak is a twig of the tree which uses to clean the teeth. There are different names of miswak – miswaak, siwak, sewak. Buy miswak to avail all the above benefits and many more. At Al-Taiba International you will find all Islamic conveniences under one roof.
  • Miswak Benefits
  • An interesting fact is that toothbrush only cleans the teeth whereas miswak, in addition to cleaning the teeth, also clears your throat, nose and nasal tract and it acts as a cleaning agent.
  • Miswak is the best anti-biotics and contains medicinal properties also. It is also organic toothbrush, so you can easily say that miswak is the replacement to a toothbrush.

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