Playgo-Cheerful Farm With 17 Piece -9869


There’s always a lot to do on a farm, so people from the farm world have to work from morning to night, but now it’s a great opportunity to take your share of the work and get to know the special atmosphere of the farm. In the box you will first find a stable building that will color the game with different sounds. Of course, the farmer who works with his little tractor is not to be missed, as the horse and the cow must be provided, carrots and corn must be cleaned, and the eggs must be collected from the hens.


  • Code : 9869
  • – Cheerful Farm Building 
  • – 9 Sounds
  • – Toy Figures
  • – Animals
  • – Tractor
  • – Material: Plastic

Last Updated: 16-Feb-2021

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Playgo-Cheerful Farm With 17 Piece -9869


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