Playgo: Fairy Mushroom with night light sound- 1702

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  • Features:
  • Code: 1702
  • – mushroom-shaped night light
  • – with soothing music
  • – high quality
  • – turns off after 30 minutes

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Last Updated: 04-Mar-2024


You can get a really cute night light for your baby that can be used from newborn age and can be a great benefit for moms. Babies in their newborn age are mostly soothed by sounds, and then the lights also have an effect on them, helping them to fall asleep. The sleeping lamp depicts a fairy-populated little mushroom with tiny star-shaped holes at the top, through which light can escape and project stars onto the ceiling. Don’t hesitate, get it, your child will fall asleep more easily.

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Playgo: Fairy Mushroom with night light sound- 1702

Out of stock