Sidearm Elite Cricket Ball Thrower


SIDEARM ELITE is the product for quality practice for cricketers of high standard.

In the right hands, the SIDEARM ELITE can reach upwards of 85mph. Higher level players can provide hours of fast paced, exciting and unparalleled practice with the ELITE.

The ELITE is harder to master and is specifically aimed at players accustomed to facing quick bowling.

Following feedback from professional users who found it difficult to sight a white ball from the white sidearm, The SIDEARM ELITE is colored pink to provide good sighting for both red and white balls.


  • Delivery Speed: Above 55mph
  • Suitable for: Higher level club players and professionals
  • Improvements: Tougher, stiffer materials allowing faster deliveries

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Last Updated: 22-Nov-2023

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Sidearm Elite Cricket Ball Thrower
Sidearm Elite Cricket Ball Thrower