WBM Body Wash Lavender And Almond


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  • Made with natural ingredients to nourish your skin.
  • Provides refreshing daily bath experience.
  • Mild fragrance to keep your mind and body calm.
  • Gently moisturizes, soothe and comfort your skin.
  • A product of USA.

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WBM Care Lavender & Almond Body Wash deeply moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It is available in Easy to use packaging and fresh scents keep you refreshed all the time.WBM care Almond & lavender body wash having a mild fragrance to keep your mind and body relax, natural solutions body wash has a perfect cleansing effect without being harsh on the skin. It has no harmful chemicals that mean you can safely use it for everyday bathing and showers. In case you are looking for a product that helps you releasing stress and anxiety with great aromatic effects during bath then it should be your choice.

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WBM Care Lavender & Almond Moisturizes skin Body Wash - 500 ML
WBM Care body lotion is formulated using organic and natural ingredients that include lavender essential oil, honey, almond, and Himalayan pink salt. All these owns a number of skin benefits as they make your skin healthy, provide nourishment to your skin and leaves it soft and smooth. Lavender is well known for its aromatherapy and detoxification properties, almond can help to make your skin cells strong and protect your skin cells from several type of damages. While honey is the best skincare product as it creates the protective barrier on skin, allowing skin to breathe easily. The daily use of this body lotion can result in soft, healthy, hydrated and glowing skin. It is best for both men and women. Moreover, all products are chemical free to properly care your skin from nature.

Body Wash Lavender Almond
WBM Body Wash Lavender And Almond

4998 in stock (can be backordered)