WBM Men Body Spray Passion


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WBM Men Body Spray Passion


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  • Men Body Spray offers long-lasting refreshing and captivating scent.
  • Powerful mint and rosemary fragrance with odor protection.
  • Makes you feel fresh, leaves no stains on clothes.
  • A Product of USA.

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A unique all-over deodorant body spray. For a complete personal care regimen. WBM Men Care Body Spray with long-lasting Advanced Protection ion formula offers powerful sweat and odor protection, leaves no white marks or yellow stains on clothes. With a long-lasting scent that keeps you feeling fresher with every move and all day long. Just one simple spray brings you a fresh start for every new day.


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WBM Men Care Body Spray Passion - Powerful Fragrance With Aloe And Green Tea - 180 ML
WBM Men Care body spray is designed to provide long-lasting refreshing and captivating scent. Its powerful fragrance provides protection against body odor all day long.