Yonex BG AS (AeroSonic) Badminton Racket String


Shred the air with an exhilarating and powerful sound with the world’s thinnest string. For players seeking high repulsion and a hard-hitting sound.

High Intensity Nylon Filament
The high-intensity nylon core gives greater durability than normal nylon while a high-polymer nylon outer provides sharp feeling and high repulsion – exceptional all-round performance from an extra-fine string.

Compact Field Structure
Highly packed resin between core and outer string removes gaps between core and string, resulting in an ultra-fine gauge and incredible strength.

High Repulsion
Medium Feeling
Material: High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament, High Polymer Braided Nylon
Length: 10/200m (33/656 ft)
Gauge: 0.61mm

Disclaimer: The color of the string may vary as it is sourced in mixed batches.


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Last Updated: 27-Feb-2021

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