Daler Rowney Ink Pouring Medium 750ML Waterbased Inks and Acrylic


Daler-Rowney Ink Pouring Medium is the first pouring medium to use with acrylic inks for even more outstanding results! Ideal to use with Acrylic Inks, other Waterbased Inks & Acrylic Colors.

Mix 1 part Ink, 1 part pouring medium, then pour the colours over the chosen surface. Dries with a smooth even coloured film. Suitable for use on canvas, wood and other primed surfaces.

Creates magnificient cells and outstanding effects.

Ideal for all pouring techniques: dirty pour, swirl, puddle pour, flip cup, swipe technique

Brand: Daler Rowney
Made In England

Last Updated: 26-Dec-2020

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